Netta Cohen

Netta Cohen

Professor of Complex Systems

School of Computing

University of Leeds

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Recent Grants:

  • WHole Animal Modelling (WHAM): Toward the integrated understanding of sensory motor control in C. elegans, Funding: EPSRC, Role: EPSRC Leadership Fellowship (PI)

  • National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems, Funding: EPSRC, Role: Co-I

  • Microswimmers: Analysing the motion of biological swimmers (with David Hogg and Thomas Ranner; Funding: EP/S01540X/1):

Current funded projects:

  • Pipebots: Pervasive Sensing for Buried Pipes (Co-I Programme Grant; Funding: EP/S016813/1):

  • Self Repairing Cities: Balancing the impact of city infrastructure engineering on natural systems using robots: (Co-I Grand Challenge project; Funding: EP/N010523/1):

  • New AD model (co-I, with Patricija van-Oosten Hawle; Funding: NC3R):

  • Towards the formulation of a general theory of root gravitropism Towards the formulation of a general theory of root gravitropism (co-I with Stefan Kepinski, Funding: Leverhulme Trust)

  • Complex systems
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Neural control of behaviour
  • Biological physics and biomechanics
  • Biorobotics and bio-inspired control (with applications to infrastructure robotics)
  • C. elegans neurobiology
  • Neural circuits and behaviour.